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He will do teach you what is violence.

Introduction Edit

Zhang Fei is the protagonist of The King of Fighters '99, replacing Kyo Kusanagi as... wait, wrong game, sorry.

Yeah, he's basically K'. Except he has a guitar and a mohawk?

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

  • Well-rounded; has a strong reversal, a counter and one of the best projectiles in the game
  • Excellent range on his focus attack
  • Relatively low meterless combo potential
  • Ultra is a highly telegraphed counter, severely limiting its usefulness

Moves Edit

Standing Normals Edit

Move Notes
cl.A A quick elbow slap. Even on block, and hits crouchers, so it's useful for starting pressure.
f.A A jab. Slightly negative on block, but self-chains and can also confirm into a combo, so it's good for checking people at semi-close distances.
cl.B A toe kick. Doesn't hit low, slightly negative on block. Links into f.A, but you've got better options for the kind of situations you want to use this in.
f.B A kick to the shins. Decent range for a light attack, but lack of cancels and slight frame disadvantage relegates it primarily to usage when you want a low-commitment poke.
cl.C A two-hit uppercut. Decently fast, and both hits are cancelable, making it useful in punish and frame trap situations.
f.C A straight punch. Stubby compared to some other moves of the same type, but it's cancelable, so if you've got a keen eye for whiff punishes you can score a combo out of this.
cl.D K's cl.D. Not cancelable, but it's safe and has a ton of hitstun, allowing a link into 2A. Useful for some punishes if you're feeling a little showy.
f.D Big roundhouse kick. Useful as anti-air when spaced correctly.
5CD Massive swing with the guitar. Excellent range, not half bad as a poke.

Crouching Normals Edit

Move Notes
2A A standard crouching jab. Chains into itself and 2B, so it's useful in some basic pressure strings.
2B It's a crouching short. Chains into itself and 2A, so much like 2A, it's useful in basic pressure strings.
2C Big uppercut anti-air. Cancelable, so if you tag someone out of the air you can get a short combo.
2D It's a sweep. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary here.

Jumping Normals Edit

Move Notes
nj.A A stubby, downward-angled elbow. Not much good for anything.
j.A The same story as nj.A, except it's a punch, so it's slightly less stubby.
nj.B Kicks at a slightly downward angle. Decent reach, can see some use as an air-to-air.
j.B A jumping knee, similar to K' or Kyo Kusanagi in KOF. Can cross up, but you need to hit pretty deep with it to get a combo.
nj.C A straight punch. Can be an air-to-air if you're really feeling it.
j.C A downward angled punch, good for air to ground approaches. [Hopdash OK]
nj.D An angled jumping kick, similar to a shoto jumping roundhouse. Good angle for air to ground.
j.D Closer to a shoto jumping forward, but doesn't cross up. Decent air-to-air angle, though.
j.CD Guitar swing. Absolutely massive range. Abusable by virtue of that alone.

Command Normals Edit

Move Notes
6A A far jab type of move. Links out of A normals, but doesn't cancel or link into anything else. I don't even know why this move is here.
6B K's 6B. A decently fast overhead that knocks down on its own, but also cancels into Minute Spike for some extra damage. Can be chained into from B and standing C normals.
6C A forward moving elbow strike. The same animation as his dodge attack, but with less startup and more recovery. Links from A normals, and chains into 6D, but doesn't cancel into anything other than MAX Mode or EX Focus.
6D A big side kick. Can be canceled into specials from the chained version, but by itself it's uncancelable. Only useful as a combo part.

Special Moves Edit

Move Input Notes
Eins Trigger 236P Creates a projectile in place, in front of Zhang Fei. A version launches on hit, while C version keeps opponent standing. A version is even on block, making it very useful as a pressure reset. C version is Anywhere Juggle, making it useful from Air Combos. EX version throws an A and then a C version. Has numerous follow-ups, explained below.
~Second Shoot ~P Fires a second projectile that travels fullscreen. Great for space control. On air hit, C version launches higher than the A version, so it's preferred in combos.
~Second Shell ~8P An upward guitar swing that launches the opponent high into the air. Very useful in combos. Causes a minor camera glitch that is very funny to look at.
~Blackout ~4K See "Blackout".
Cross Counter 214P Zhang Fei enters a stance and chuckles. Counters all high and mid attacks with a guitar swing that switches sides. EX version counters high, mid and low attacks, and pops the opponent up for a combo.
Minute Spike 214K Air OK. A forward moving kick that knocks down. Air EX version launches the opponent up for a combo.
~Narrow Spike ~K A low-hitting slide follow-up to Minute Spike, using the same animation as Blackout. Launches the opponent for a free follow-up.
Crow Bites 623P A dragon punch. A version is one hit, C version is three hits and has an extra follow-up with C.
Blackout 236K Slides along the ground, but does not have a hitbox. D version moves further than B version. EX version travels the distance of the D version but without as much recovery. The mobility of this move isn't generally something you need.

Super Combo Edit

Issen (236236P)

Zhang Fei enters a quick-draw stance with his guitar before letting out a large forward moving swing. This super is chargeable, and at the final level, it becomes unblockable. Takes too long to get to the unblockable, so you'll mainly be using this to tack on damage with super cancels.

Ultra Combo Edit

Hyper Cross Counter (236236BD)

After a short cinematic, Zhang Fei assumes a counter stance. Upon catching any physical attack, the opponent will be on the receiving end of what is essentially Balrog's Dirty Bull ultra before being launched into the air. While the timing is somewhat tight, it is possible to combo after this ultra, although the combo isn't usually very rewarding without a MAX Cancel. Even then, due to how telegraphed this ultra is, you probably won't be getting much use out of it.

Strategy Edit

Zhang Fei is a fairly simplistic character. Eins Trigger~Second Shoot is an incredibly good projectile, so using that in conjunction with the excellent range on his Focus Attack, you can play a semi-threatening mid-range game. You can also threaten from greater distances with Narrow Spike.

On defense, you can use Crow Bites to call out gaps in pressure strings, or use Cross Counter to punish particularly greedy opponents.

Combos Edit

The One Combo: 2B 2A 6C 6D 236A~C 214D~D 623A

This will be Zhang Fei's primary source of damage without spending bar. His EX and super aren't particularly noteworthy, and his ultra is literally unusable in combos, so it's not really worth spending bar on anything that isn't MAX Mode.

MAX Mode loops: From your bnb combo, MAX cancel from 214D~D and then follow up with:

[j.C j.D j.CD |> 623A>236A~A]xN when midscreen

[623A>236A(whiff)]xN when in the corner

The best way to input the Crow Bites>Trigger free cancel is 6236A~A.

If for some reason you get an air combo outside of MAX Mode: ...j.B j.C j.D j.CD |> 2C 236C~C 214D~D 623A