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If he flaunt his power, you dare not provoke.

Introduction Edit

Xu Chu is the big, bulky grappler of Chaos Generation. While he suffers from slow movement speed, he has amazing mixup with an arsenal including combo-starting command grabs and instant overheads, along with an impressively high combo potential.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

  • Command grabs start combos
  • Low jump arc gives him really strong instant overheads
  • Extremely high combo potential, including an infinite in the corner
  • Slow movement speed
  • Requires meter for more threatening conversions

Moves Edit

Standing Normals Edit

Move Notes
cl.A a light gut punch. Very slightly negative on block, but self-chain can make it useful for frame traps.
f.A a light swipe. Quite nice range for a light normal. Used a lot in confirms. Hits crouchers.
cl.B toe kick. This is a low! Links into 5A for a basic combo.
f.B a pretty nice range light poke. Can late chain into f.A for a confirm.
cl.C a two hit slapping normal, similar to Abel's cl.HP in SF4. Only second hit is cancelable, but first hit can be chained into 3B. Pretty unsafe on block.
f.C a big slow palm strike. Slow startup, but the initial part of the animation has upper-body guard point, and it's special cancelable, making it a pretty strong footsie tool.
cl.D a hard kick to the shins. Good damage and cancelable, but really unsafe on block, so only use in punish situations or if you intend to cancel into something.
f.D big roundhouse kick. Unsafe on block, but has a lot of forward movement and can anti-air pretty well when spaced correctly.
5CD big ol' headbutt. Pretty standard focus attack, though it's got some nice range.

Crouching Normals Edit

Move Notes
2A basically a crouching version of f.A. Links into 2C for a combo.
2B a pretty standard crouching low kick. Useful in mixup and pressure.
2C shoulder charge. Not quite as much range as f.C, but still great range, given that it's faster and also cancelable.
2D it's a sweep. Pretty dang unsafe, like every sweep.

Jumping Normals Edit

Move Notes
j.A downward slap. The angle on this thing is ridiculous. Combined with its speed, this is the instant overhead.
j.B a short-range knee attack. Could be useful as air-to-air, but you have better options.
nj.C a big two-handed slap. Decent range, good for meeting people in the air.
j.C another huge downward-angled slap. Can also be used as an instant overhead, but j.A's speed makes it better for that purpose.
nj.D a big horizontal kick. Similar uses as j.D, but not as good for air-to-ground.
j.D kind of like Benimaru's j.D. Great for air-to-air and air-to-ground. Hitbox is ridiculous, crosses up really nicely. [Hopdash OK]
j.CD air headbutt. Range is pretty poor. Mostly used in air combos.

Command Normals Edit

Move Notes
3B a dropkick. Cancelable into from most normals, but can't be linked after, and can only be canceled into MAX mode. You'll mostly see this when you accidentally get it trying to cancel into 236K.
3C launching elbow strike like Urien/Abel/Seth. Special cancelable. Used a lot to extend juggle combos. Pretty nice as anti-air, but unsafe on block.
3D a rolling sort of attack. Can be linked after, but not canceled into. Unsafe on block.

Special Moves Edit

Move Input Notes
Seismo 236P Xu Chu slaps the ground and causes an explosion in front of him. Launches on hit. Can be dash cancelled on hit and block. EX version has invulnerable startup.
Flap Jack 63214P command grab. You can combo into this. Throws the opponent into the air, dealing damage when the opponent hits the ground, leaving them in a juggle state until they do. Can combo into 5A 3C in the corner. EX version tosses the opponent higher, allowing for combos midscreen.
Bear Hug Drop j.214P aerial command grab. Can be used to end air combos. Has basically no landing recovery, so jump back air command grab can be useful for building meter. EX version does more damage.
Change of Direction 236K x3 well, sort of. It's a three-hit rekka. First two parts are shoulder checks, the third is a hitgrab version of his command grab. Final hit is unblockable. EX version launches the opponent higher.

Super Combo Edit

Ragdoll Toss (236236P)

Upward-angled palm strike, then tosses the opponent, slamming them into the ground a few times. Despite the angle, it will still hit crouchers, and can also hit airborne opponents. EX version ends with an EX Seismo, allowing for a combo.

Ultra Combo Edit

Cao Wei Piledriver (236236BD)

Opens up with a fairly fast shoulder charge, followed by a second shoulder check, and a toss into a highly damaging piledriver... thing. First hit is a strike, so it's quite easy to combo into this move. Does a ton of damage.

Strategy Edit

Xu Chu wants to be in close. He moves somewhat slowly and lacks any real consistent approach options outside of focus attack, so neutral against projectile-heavy characters requires patience. However, once Xu Chu gets in, that's when the fun starts.

Get your opponent to respect you by enforcing frame traps with your crouching lights. Once they start to freeze up, use your command grab, or even your hop A instant overhead to open them up and start doing serious damage.

On the defensive, you can use your command grab to call out gaps in pressure strings. Otherwise, your primary reversal is EX Seismo, and while it is very rewarding on hit, it requires meter.

Combos Edit

Main combo starters: [2B 2A 2C] (low), [rising j.A j.C j.D] (instant overhead)

starter > 236B 236B 236B - standard meterless confirm into knockdown

(starter >) 63214PP j.A j.C j.D j.CD 2A 236A~66 j.214P - best way to combo from EX command grab

(seismo/rekka/cmd grab) 5A 3C BC {j.B j.C j.D j.CD |> 5A} j.214P - loop segment in brackets until MAX runs out

j.214P in any combo can be replaced with super or ultra.

The Infinite (corner only): [rekka/cmd grab] 5A 236A~66 3C 236B(whiff) 236B 236B [delay 5A 3C 236D(whiff) 236D 236D] xN