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He has seen through all the details of your martial art.

Xiahou Yuan is the resident shoto of Chaos Generation. As a shoto, he sports options for almost every situation, with a fast-travelling projectile attack, an invincible reversal and an advancing spin kick attack that goes over low hits. 

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

  • Good midrange options
  • Strong invincible reversal
  • Projectile is somewhat slow to start up
  • Low damage combos without MAX Mode


Standing Normals Edit

Move Notes
cl.A useful for checking people. Hits crouchers!
f.A standard jab. Whiffs over crouchers.
cl.B a toe kick. Doesn't hit low. Useful in pressure strings.
f.B a pretty decent mid-range poke. Has some forward movement, but you don't get much reward without a MAX cancel.
cl.C a gut punch. Good for starting punishes.
f.C a strong counter-poking tool, especially if you have MAX stocked.
cl.D basically the same as Xiahou Dun's 5D, but far safer on block.
f.D a pretty nice mid-range poke that goes over lows.
5CD an elbow strike. It's a Focus Attack with pretty nice range thanks to its small bit of forward movement.

Crouching Normals Edit

Move Notes
2A crouching jab. Use it to start pressure.
2B really nice low. Plus on block, great for checking people and keeping them honest.
2C a shoto crouch fierce. Really nice for anti-airing if you don't want to commit to a DP.
2D it's a sweep. Quite punishable on block.

Jumping Normals Edit

Move Notes
j.A a stubby downward punch with a shallow angle. Not very useful.
j.B good air-to-air. Has a surprisingly large hitbox behind it, so can be useful for crossups.
j.C a downward punch, can be used interchangeably with j.D in hop mixups.
j.D big shoto jump kick with a great angle for air-to-ground approaches. Really good for crossing up. [Hopdash OK]
j.CD elbow drop that's difficult to anti-air. Sees use in MAX mode air combo loops.

Command Normals Edit

Move Notes
6B Ken's step-kick from SF4. Good move to approach with at mid-range. Not special cancelable.
6D same start-up animation as 6B, but moves into an axe kick that hits overhead. Not special cancelable.
1C same as Xiahou Dun's 2C. Very positive on block, and good in combos.
1D comparable to a SF shoto cr.MK. Good for poking, sees some use in combos.

Strings Edit

Move Notes
f.C,C,D Doesn't link from anything. Second hit whiffs on crouchers, as well as on Xiahou Dun when he's standing. Launches, but the last hit is not special cancelable. You can pretty safely ignore this.

Special Moves Edit

Move Input Notes
Throwing Knife 236P it's a throwing knife. Yuan's equivalent of a fireball. A bit slow on the startup, so while it sees some use from mid-to-long range, it actually sees a lot of use up close as a combo part. EX version hits two times.
Shoryuken 623P let's not pretend that it's anything else. Both versions hit two times, C version does more damage. Both versions are fully invincible on startup. You know what to do.
Guren Senpukyaku 214K air OK. It's a tatsu that looks a hell of a lot like Ken's Ultra 2 in SF4. Both versions grant a class 2 juggle on hit. B version leaves you closer for better follow-ups, but only the D version hits crouchers. Air version propels your forward or backward depending on which direction you jumped in, making it semi-useful as a way to escape bad situations.

Super Combo Edit

Shinkuu Throwing Knife (236236P) 

It's a super throwing knife. You know how to use super projectiles. Of note is that Yuan recovers before the projectile stops hitting the opponent, so you can use this to extend combos.

Ultra Combo Edit

Metsu Shoryuken (236236BD) 

Yeah, it's basically Evil Ryu's U2 from SF4. Actually one of the better-looking ultras in the game... which probably means it has the least originally-created animations. Oh well. Use it to end combos.

Strategy Edit

Xiahou Yuan is a very adaptable character, able to use his tools in a variety of ways to suit whatever situation he's in. Space your opponent with f.D, 1D and throwing knives, poke up close with 2B, 2A and 1C, use 2C and 623P for anti-air, and the DP itself is good in defensive situations thanks to its invincibility.

Once you get in close, you can catch your opponent off guard with 6D, which links into 1C for a combo. You can also use j.D to cross up.

Combos Edit

Primary combo starters: [2B 2B 1C 6D 1C], [cl.C 6D 1C], [6D 1C]

Midscreen standing opponents: [starter] 214B 623A 623C

Midscreen crouching opponents: [starter] 214D 623C

MAX mode loop: [623A 214B]xN

Make sure you delay the 623A between each rep to ensure the opponent gets hit by the last hit of the tatsu.