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He outruns you in terms of Kungfu.

Xiahou Dun is the lead character of Chaos Generation. He is an extremely versatile close-range fighter with strong normals, high combo potential and very effective high-low mixup.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

  • Strong normals, particularly his crouching punches
  • Has a number of difficult-to-see overheads that often convert into a combo
  • Extremely high combo and damage potential
  • Less effective outside of close/mid-range
  • Lacks a usable cross-up


Normals Edit

Note: Xiahou Dun does not have close and far versions of his normals

Standing Normals Edit

Move Notes
5A a fairly standard jab. Whiffs on crouchers. Can be used as situational anti-air, but don't count on it.
5B it's a Chun-Li short. Pretty dang good anti-air if spaced correctly, and still manages to hit crouchers at point-blank range.
5C a quick right hook. Fairly fast for a heavy button, but pretty short range. Pretty much outclassed by 2C.
5D a big knee strike. Pretty good range for its speed, but unsafe on block.
5CD an elbow strike. It's a Focus Attack with pretty nice range thanks to its small bit of forward movement.

Crouching Normals Edit

Move Notes
2A pretty standard crouching jab. Good frame advantage and self-chain makes it great for starting pressure.
2B good low poke. Somewhat short range, but it's even on block, so it can be useful for frame traps.
2C the god button. Great range, plus on block, starts combos. This button basically sums up Xiahou Dun as a character.
2D decent range for a sweep, and grants a hard knockdown, but has pretty much no blockstun, so you're getting punished if it gets blocked.

Jumping Normals Edit

Move Notes
j.A a downward-angled punch. Small hitbox and weird angle make it not very good for air-to-air or air-to-ground.
j.B the stanky leg. The hitbox on this thing is ridiculous. Great air-to-air. Can cross up, but you're not going to get any combos from it.
j.C a jumping hammer fist. Decent as a jump-in, but you'll be using j.D more.
j.D a spinning jump kick. Great jump-in, and covers enough space to be useful as a pre-emptive air-to-air, but j.B is still better for that purpose.
j.CD a jumping elbow strike. Great range with a good hitbox. Difficult to anti-air, but knocks down on hit, so you may prefer j.D for a jump-in if you're looking to mix people up.

Command Normals Edit

Move Notes
6D Guile's Bazooka Knee. Can link into a combo if hit at the right spacing.
8AC a jumping overhead attack. Not as useful as 8BD.
8BD another jumping overhead attack. Incredibly strong. Difficult to react to, converts into a full combo on hit.


Move Notes
2C,D,B arguably Dun's most important string. Links from 2A, all hits are special cancelable and the last hit links back into 2C. String is loopable during MAX Mode or Ultra. Really bad on block, though.
5A,C,A,D,A launches. All hits are special cancelable, but the final hit won't connect on crouchers.
5B,B,C launcher string. Final hit is an overhead, but doesn't combo. Last hit is special-cancelable.
1B,B,B none of these hits are low. All hits are special cancelable.

Special MovesEdit

Move Input Notes
Fisherman's Slam 236P exactly like Bryan Fury's move from Tekken. Staple combo part. The ground slam is a full OTG state that allows you to pick up for a combo.
Uppercut 623P a fairly quick short-range uppercut. Fully invulnerable on startup, but is in counter hit state during recovery. Launches the opponent into the air. Can be cancelled into a super jump, but only allows a combo on CH or with EX. Pretty strong anti-air.
Left Hook 214A a launching left hook. This move hits overhead. Requires meter to combo.
Snake Slam 214C it's Bryan Fury's b+1. This move also hits overhead, and causes a hard knockdown.
Wolf Tail 214K Bryan Fury's df+4 (gee, that guy sure is showing up a lot). But this one's got electricity on it, so it's totally different. Launches on hit, but requires meter to combo. Seems to have some lower-body invulnerability.
Rush Combo 236K extremely long auto-combo special. Both versions have different moves. Don't combo all the way through, but some of the hits in the middle are overheads, so if your opponent is sleeping, this might wake them up. Try to avoid using it, though.
Lightning Screw 623B yeah, it's Lars' uf+3. But don't worry, this move is not nearly as good as Lars' version of it. The startup does have an extremely low profile, so you can use it to go under fireballs and other moves. It is also a pretty decent reversal, but this move will not fully hit a crouching opponent unless you spend meter on the EX version. Mainly sees use as a combo extender after Fisherman's Slam.
Hopkick 623D it's a hopkick. Launches, but you need to spend meter after to combo from it. This move is an overhead, though.
Stomp 22B it's a stomp. It only hits OTG. Gives up oki, but useful to tack on some extra damage at the end of a combo.
Divekick j.214K it's a divekick, alright. Can be tiger knee'd, but doesn't hit overhead. B version moves at a steeper angle than the D version. EX version launches for a juggle.

Super ComboEdit

Super Flurry (236236P)

Throws out rapid-fire punches before ending with a launching move that knocks down. EX version ends with Fisherman's Slam, allowing a combo follow-up.

Ultra ComboEdit

Feng Shui Engine (236236BD)

UUWOOOAAAGGGHHHH. It's basically a second MAX Mode, but it uses your Ultra gauge.


Xiahou Dun's primary strategy is to get in close and use his strong mixup tools to convert into a combo and do tons of damage. While not possessing any long-range tools, Dun does have a great walk/run speed and plenty of ways to approach with his divekick, 623B to call out fireballs, as well as 6D, rolls and focus attack.

Once you're up closer, poke at your opponent with your crouching normals. 2A and 2C are of particular note. 2B is also useful as a low option. Frame trap, or go for 8BD overhead or a throw if they're getting too defensive. 

Either way, once you get the hit, do yer dang combos.

Mixup Concepts Edit

You'll primarily be opening up your opponents with your 8BD overhead because it's so difficult to react to, but if you manage to land a throw, it's still possible to get some significant reward from it.

After a throw, whiff 5B,B. From here, you can use the follow-up C for a launching overhead, which can then be cancelled into 623B for your regular juggle combo. If you expect your opponent to stand block, omit the C follow-up and move straight into 2B -- the recovery on 5B,B is quick enough that the timing between the C follow-up and 2B is pretty similar. Another throw is also an option!

Other Stuff Edit

623P can be superjump cancelled on hit or block. While the meterless version only grants a juggle on counter hit, it's still an incredibly useful tool both offensively and defensively. An important property to note is that after 623P, Xiahou Dun can cancel into 8BD by inputting 28BD after 623P makes contact. This is incredibly strong, as it effectively allows Dun to cancel his reversal into his safe, extremely fast overhead. Crazy, crazy good option.


Primary combo starter: [2C,D,B]

[2C,D,B] links from both [2B 2A] and [8BD], comprising your main low and overhead confirms.

Bread and butter combo: [starter] 236C 623B 623C

Primary MAX Mode/Ultra loop: [623B 623A 236C] xN

Works at any screen position, does a ton of damage. Highly reliable combo, and a huge source of your damage. To consistently get the 623A 236C cancel, input it as 6236A~C.

Ultra-specific loop starter: [starter] 236C 623B 623C Ultra 5B 623C~236C [continue loop]