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Introduction Edit

Wei Yan is one of Chaos Generation's many strong close-range fighters, who specialises in bullying the opponent into submission with great normals, insanely strong stagger pressure, and hard to block high-low mixups. He's also got an infinite.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

  • Great high-low mixup
  • Kobokushi feint cancels grant both strong stagger pressure and an infinite
  • Lacks approach options
  • Somewhat risky defense


Standing Normals Edit

Move Notes
cl.A A quick elbow jab that hits crouchers. Even on block and leads to combos, so good in pressure and hit confirms.
f.A Another fast jab. More or less the same functionality as cl.A, but with slightly better range and a string attached. Starts his infinite.
cl.B A quick knee strike that functions similarly to his A normals. Even frames on block and links into other light normals make it very useful in pressure and confirms.
f.B A quick step kick. A little on the slower side for a light button, but its slightly longer range, forward movement and links into 2B don't completely limit its usefulness.
cl.C A quick two-handed strike. Slight advantage on block and cancel to 3C make this very useful for punishes and frame traps.
f.C Swings back before striking with his elbow. Slow, but the backwards reeling animation at the start can dodge attacks, and the special cancel lets you get a combo from this. Use to call out really obvious buttons. Unsafe on block, though, so be sure to cancel into something safer.
cl.D A quick upwards heel kick. Fast and good on block, but lack of cancelability limits its usefulness.
f.D A two-hit kick combo. Good range and only slightly negative on block, but just like cl.D, its lack of cancelability limits its usefulness.
5CD A quick spinning punch. A bit on the slower side, but otherwise a standard focus attack.

Crouching Normals Edit

Move Notes
2A A standard crouching jab type move. Slightly positive on block, easily links into itself and 2C for combos. Great confirming tool.
2B A quick low kick. Functionally similar to 2A, except slightly negative on block and hits low. Very important normal for mixup and pressure.
2C A big two-handed swing. Links from Wei Yan's light normals, and cancels into just about everything. Staple combo part, and its angle makes it great for anti-air, too.
2D Wei Yan's sweep is special in that while it is still a hard knockdown and very unsafe on block, it is also cancelable into specials, greatly increasing its utility as a poke.

Jumping Normals Edit

Move Notes
j.A Short, downward-angled slap. Not particularly useful.
j.B Fast, upward-angled kick. Can be used as and early jump air-to-air, but you've got better things to be doing than jumping at the opponent.
nj.C Straight double-fisted punch. Decent air-to-air button, but being neutral jump only severely limits its usefulness.
j.C Downward angled chop. Good for air-to-ground approaches.
nj.D Straight kick. More or less outclassed as an air-to-air by j.D.
j.D Slightly upward-angled heavy kick. Great to use as a retreating air-to-air. [Hopdash OK]
j.CD Two-fist slam. It's about what you'd expect from a j.CD.

Command Normals Edit

Move Notes
6B Slower overhead kick. Leaves the opponent standing, letting you link a 2A or 2B after for a full combo.
6CC Fast double swipe launcher. First hit is an overhead, second hit is special cancelable.
3C Shoulder charge with huge forward movement. Chainable from C normals, has an insane amount of hitstun. Good combo part.
22B Low stomp. Unlike Xiahou Dun's stomp, doesn't require the opponent to be knocked down. Can be special cancelled. Useful as an ender after short combos into 214P~C, as you can cancel into

Strings Edit

Move Notes
f.A,C,C Third hit automatically transitions into back-turned stance, but manually cancelling into 214P is faster. Leads to an infinite with Kobokushi feint cancels.

Special Moves Edit

Move Input Notes
Kobokushi 236P Yun/Yang palm. Long-range hitbox, knocks down on hit. Useful in combos and in pressure via its cancel.
~Feint ~D Feints the palm. Can be cancelled very early, making it extremely useful in stagger pressure.
Thunderbolt 236K Has a hitbox on the way up and the way down. Useful in MAX Mode combos as a side-switching tool.
Backturn 214P Transitions Wei Yan into a back-turned stance, allowing him numerous follow-ups. No EX version.
~Spin Knuckle ~A Launches the opponent, somewhat slow, so only combos from 3C on ground hit. A core part of his MAX Mode loop.
~Shoulder Check ~C Causes a wallbounce on normal hit. Has an extremely low combo limit, only allows a follow-up when it hits raw, or during MAX Mode. Causes a hard knockdown, so extremely useful in meterless combos.
~Fury Swipe ~6C Two hit knockdown combo. Harder to combo into, but otherwise provides the same benefits as the Shoulder Check. Don't sweat it too much.
~Flash Kick ~BB Two-hit launching kick combo. First hit is an overhead, but requires meter to combo after. You've got better mixup options outside of stance.
~Sweep ~2D Causes hard knockdown. Looks identical to his 2D, but is not special cancellable.
~Feint ~D Much like Kobokushi, causes Wei Yan to cancel the backturn stance. Slower than the Kobokushi feint cancel.
Beat Knuckle 421P Virtually identical to Cody's Zonk Knuckle in Street Fighter IV. EX version is invincible. C version has a ton of hitstun, letting you link a 2B afterwards. Extremely useful combo part.
~Follow-up ~C Can be cancelled into backturn stance, increasing Beat Knuckle's use in combos.
Backflip 214K An invincible backflip. Can be cancelled into Beat Knuckle roughly halfway through its animation, making it incredibly useful for calling out mashers.

Super Combo Edit

Youhou (236236P)

Sorta slow combo super. Good to tack on damage if you can find the hitstun for it.

Ultra Combo Edit

Shinkuu Hadouken (236236BD)

Extremely useful, widely applicable ultra.


2B and 2A are extremely good for pressure, and linking them to 2C in blockstrings allows you to cancel into Kobokushi feint, increasing its potential for staggers. Cancelling 2D into Kobokushi feint makes it a much stronger mid-range poke.

If your staggers don't open people up, your overheads certainly will. 6B is slower but nets you a full ground combo, 6CC is faster but only nets you a launch, which limits your combo options if you can't or don't want to MAX cancel. Use what you think is best for the situation.


Important links: [2B 2C], [2B 6C], [421C 2B]

Zonk Knuckle loop: [2B 2C 421C]x2, 2B...

Attempting to use 421C a third time forces a knockdown. You can extend with 2C 421A or 6CC. You can omit the loop altogether if you're having trouble with the link.

6CC combo: 236C, 236A...

Great for converting into MAX Mode combos. It's possible to tack on a 3C after 236A, but this can be a bit inconsistent.

Corner Palm Feint loop: [2B 2C 236P~K]xN.

Useful since this is also a really strong stagger pressure string.

MAX Mode loop: [214AA 236A]xN

-ChaosGen- Wei Yan New MAX Mode Loop

-ChaosGen- Wei Yan New MAX Mode Loop

Slightly delay 214AA for every rep after the first. Once you hit the corner use [214AA 236A 236B, 2C 214AC] and then continue the loop, starting with 236A.

The Infinite: [f.A,C,C 236P~K]xN

Using Kobokushi feint cancels allows this string to link back into itself, which is very strong since it hits crouchers and doesn't have a combo limit. Starting with [2B 2A] before going into the string will keep you at the perfect f.A distance to loop, but in the corner, you'll need to add [2B 2A] to every loop to maintain f.A distance.