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You are never his competition!

Introduction Edit

Lu Meng is Chaos Generation's boxer archetype who excels in the close range. He lacks far reaching moves but makes up for them with good mobility and attacks which move him forward.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

  • Strong defensive options with multiple invulnerable reversals and fast normals
  • Strong mixup consisting of fast overheads, lows and crossups
  • Great MAX Mode combos
  • Many of his specials are unsafe if blocked

Moves Edit

Standing Normals Edit

Move Notes
cl.A A short jab which can whiff on crouching opponents. Cancels into his auto combo.
f.A A short range jab which attacks at head height. This attack can cancel into his auto combo as well as 4A and 2D.
cl.B Similar to cl.A. Cancels into all A, B and special attacks.
f.B Similar to f.A. It cancels into all A, B and special attacks.
cl.C A strong hitting mid punch. Lu Meng's fastest C or D normal. Has enough hitstun to link light attacks after and is cancellable into specials and 4A.
f.C Lu Meng's longest range poke. Can be cancelled into specials and is hit confirmable.
cl.D Similar to cl.C but is much slower.
f.D A standing uppercut with short horizontal range. Special cancelable and can be used as an anti-air.
5CD A short range gut punch which is chargeable and dash cancelable during or after charge. On lv1 charge it is possible to link jabs after a forward dash, lv2 and lv3 charge launches for a juggle.

Crouching Normals Edit

Move Notes
2A A Mid hitting jab. Can cancel into his auto combo and link into c.A, f.A, 2C, 2B and 2D.
2B A low hitting jab with great reach. This is Lu Meng's best poke. Cancels into 2A, links into itself and can cancel into all A and B attacks.
2C A crouching uppercut. Cancelable into 4A and special moves. The go to anti-air normal.
2D A low hitting sweep. Causes knockdown. Special cancelable.

Jumping Normals Edit

Move Notes
j.A A jumping jab. It hits quite high and can be used as an air to air attack.
j.B A jumping elbow. Hits lower than j.A and can connect on standing opponents after 5AAA.
nj.C A downward palm strike. Good angle and range makes it useful for hop pressure.
j.C A two hitting downward punch. A great move to use when jumping in.
nj.D An aerial uppercut bearing a resemblance to Ryu's jumping strong. Too slow to be useful for anything, let alone air to air.
j.D A downward hitting punch. Is a good jump in attack but not as good as jC. [Hopdash OK]
j.CD A slow punch with great horizontal reach. Its speed makes it unreliable in air juggles. Causes a juggle state on air hit and a knock down on ground hit.

Command Normals Edit

Move Notes
4A A downward overhead punch. On hit it is special cancelable and can link into jabs. When canceled from other attacks it is much quicker but has reduced hitstun.
3B A sliding low punch. This move can low profile other moves and is special cancelable. The delay cancel is long and can be hit confirmed. Very unsafe if not canceled.
3D A slower low sliding punch. This version knocks down and is not cancelable.

Special Moves Edit

Move Input Notes
Punch Combination 236P Both versions start a punch combo consisting of 5 mid hits. A and C versions knock down on the last hit. The EX version leaves the opponent standing and can be linked into jabs but will knock down if used twice in a combo or after 214K
Uppercut 623P An invulnerable uppercut which can be used as a reversal or an anti-air. Both versions launch on hit. C version recovers slower than the A version but deals more damage and travels further. EX version deals more damage and travels further than the C version.
Overhead Rush 214P A rushing overhead punch. All versions leave the opponent standing and can link into jabs. This move can only be used once in a combo before it causes knock down. The EX version has armour.
Dashing Straight 236K A dashing mid hitting punch. The D version is slower than the B version and all versions launch on hit. Unsafe on block.
Sweeping Hook 214K A dashing low attack which causes knockdown. Unsafe on block.
Ground Pound 623K Lu Meng punches the ground causing a shockwave. B version hits once and knocks down. D version is slower, hits twice and causes juggle property. EX version is invulnerable, hits twice and causes juggle property.
Divepunch j.236P A diving attack. A version leaves the opponent standing while the C version hits twice and knocks down. EX version hits twice and causes juggle state.

Super Combo Edit

Super Dashing Straight (236236P) : Lu Meng charges his fist for a rushing punch. A version hits once, B and EX version hits multiple times. This move is good for adding extra damage but has no invincibility frames and is inconsistent in juggles.

Power Geyser (236236K) : Lu Meng punches the ground and causes an explosion to emit at a 45 degree angle. Neither version has invulnerability. B version hits once. During the D version, Lu Meng will punch additional times up to 3 punches by inputting another 236D.

Ultra Combo Edit

Shin Shoryu--Burn Knuckle! (236236BD) : Lu Meng launches with an uppercut then unleashes fireballs from his fist. This move has invincibility and is great to use to end a combo. This attack has a deceptively low hitbox so make sure to delay it when used in a juggle.

Strategy Edit

Sporting a huge array of advancing moves and just as many mixup tools, Lu Meng is a character who has all the tools he needs to get in, and all the tool he wants to mix up his opponent when he gets in. You can use the huge forward movement on your dashing punch specials to enforce a practically full-screen high-low mixup if your opponent is playing passively at a distance, and once you get in, your strong up-close mixup game will help keep the opponent guessing until they can guess no more. 2B is very easy to confirm into a combo, and 4A being special cancelable makes your overhead just as rewarding.

You'll have some trouble making your way around fireballs if you're not patient, but you have all the tools you'll need -- while your backdash is on the slow side, your mobility is great, you have a diving special move to throw off anti-air timings, and you always have your trusty focus attack.

Lu Meng has some excellent corner carry on all of his combos, and one MAX Mode confirm midscreen all but guarantees you'll get the corner, and some sweet damage to boot.

Combos Edit

Primary combo starters: [2B 2B 3B 214A], [cl.C 4A 214A]

Bread and butter combo: [starter] [5AAA]x3 cl.C 4A 236C

MAX Mode Loops

Midscreen: [236A(3) 214A]xN

Corner: [623A 623B]xN

For the corner loop, be sure to delay the 623A every rep so the opponent is low enough that all the moves will hit. To get the free cancel, input 6236~B. The corner loop can be inconsistent on smaller characters, so if you find the combo dropping, just use the midscreen loop.