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In his opinion, you are still tenderfoot.

Introduction Edit

Huang Zhong is what would happen if Gouken and Akuma did the Fusion Dance and then beat up Raiden and stole his hat. With a familiar moveset consisting of ground and air fireballs, an invincible uppercut and two advancing kick moves, Huang Zhong will appeal to anyone that enjoys playing a more rushdown-oriented shoto.

Strengths & Weaknesses Edit

  • Strong, balanced move pool
  • Great movement speed
  • High damage MAX Mode loops
  • Low life

Moves Edit

Standing Normals Edit

Move Notes
cl.A A quick gut punch. About even on block, useful in confirms and pressure.
f.A A fast horizontal chop. About the same benefits as cl.A.
cl.B A small toe kick. Doesn't hit low.
f.B A quick side kick. Has deceptively long reach.
cl.C A big palm strike. Slightly on the slow side, but is surprisingly plus on block.
f.C Another big palm strike. Another move with deceptively long reach, and with a special cancel, making it a very potent footsie tool.
cl.D A two-hit close range kick combo. First hit is special cancelable, second hit chains to 6A.
f.D A real big side kick. Negative on block, and only cancellable by EX/Red Focus.
5CD Huang Zhong swings back and lets out a spinning roundhouse kick. Has a good amount of forward movement.

Crouching Normals Edit

Move Notes
2A A crouching jab that is basically the same as your standing jabs.
2B A quick crouching low kick that's around even on block. Great for pressure and confirms.
2C A straight punch. About even on block and useful in some combos.
2D A sweep. Has very little blockstun, but is special cancelable, making it useful as a poke.

Jumping Normals Edit

Move Notes
nj.A A quick straight punch. Can be useful as a reaction air-to-air.
j.A A quick downward-angled punch.
nj.B A light knee attack with an upward angle. Less useful than nj.A as an air-to-air.
j.B A downward-angled knee attack. Really easy to cross up with.
nj.C Kind of like an aerial version of 5C.
j.C Standard downward-angled shoto jumping heavy punch. Good for aerial approaches.
nj.D A huge horizontal sweeping kick. Has some decent range as an air-to-air.
j.D Big shoto jumping rounhouse-style kick. Good downward angle, can be used to cross up but it requires some spacing. [Hopdash OK]
j.CD A big spinning chop. Somewhat short on range, but still useful in combos and block pressure.

Command Normals Edit

Move Notes
6A An overhead chop. Gains a special cancel when chained into, but retains its overhead property. Has a ton of hitstun, so you can also link after it if you hit it raw.

Strings Edit

Move Notes
cl.C,C A one-two palm strike combo. Useful in punishes.
6C,C,C A three hit combo ending in a mini-Shoryuken. The first hit links from many attacks, and the second hit chains into 6A, making it incredibly useful in combos.

Special Moves Edit

Move Input Notes
Gohadoken 236P strength changes speed of fireball. chargeable to three levels, dealing between 1-3 hits. EX version deals between 2-4 hits depending on charge. air ok -- no charge, strength changes angle of fireball.
Goshoryuken 623P it's a DP
Enbu Kyaku 214K x 3 tatsu rekkas. small range, but good as a single ender
Senpukyaku 236K launching hopkick. gives you a free DP on hit

Super Combo Edit

Messatsu Gouhadou (236236P)

Super fast fullscreen fireball. EX version throws two.

Shun Goku Satsu (in air A A 6 B D)

Raging Demon. Super easy to combo into.

Ultra Combo Edit

Talk To The Hand (236236BD)

Cutscene on ground hit at close range, otherwise becomes a four-hit ultra fireball. Good damage.

Strategy Edit

Huang Zhong has the tools to play however he wants in any situation he wants. He can play a mid-to-long range zoning game with his fireballs, throwing off the opponent's timing with his fireball charges and using them in conjunction with his special cancellable sweep. He can play a dangerous up-close game with his simple but incredibly threatening mixup thanks to his very strong overhead, solid low pokes and an invincible reversal.

Combos Edit

Important Links: [2/5AAA 6CC]

Unlike many other characters, Huang Zhong benefits greatly from linking after the third hit of his Stylish Combo, as it makes all of his potential grounded combo conversions much more consistent.

Standing confirm: [dash 2/5AAA j.A j.B j.C j.D j.236A]x2 dash cl.C 236D 623C

Standard jump loop. Don't use this if you intend to extend your combo with MAX Mode, as it makes the scaling kick in pretty hard.

Crouching confirm: 2/5AAA 6CC 6A 236D 623C

The crouching confirm also works on standing opponents, and is generally preferred if you intend to go into MAX Mode.

MAX Mode loop: (after any 2/5AAA confirm) 623A>236A, [j.D j.CD j.236A]xN

Insanely damaging MAX Mode loop that works anywhere. Use hyper hops between loops to keep yourself at the right distance, delaying as necessary to ensure the opponent isn't too high. To get the Shoryu>Fireball free cancel, just input 6236A~A.