Basic Mechanics Character Select FAQ

General Questions Edit

Q: Where can I buy this game?

A: From Steam! Grab it here!

Q: I wanna know what I'm getting into. Is there any match footage of this game?

A: While they haven't uploaded footage in a while, Takadanobaba Mikado (more well-known as a Guilty Gear arcade) has uploaded multiple videos full of tournaments and casual matches to their YouTube channel.

Q: Where can I find patch notes?

A: Right here!

Game-Related Questions Edit

Q: The game is taking forever to load!

A: Yeah. This is likely a result of the Steam version pretty much being exactly the same as the arcade version of the game. It's basically loading everything up front so further loading doesn't need to happen during normal operation. It sucks, but them's the breaks.

Q: My controls don't work!

A: This game doesn't play super nice with controllers at the moment. Your best bet is to map your controller buttons to key bindings with a program like Xpadder or AntiMicro. Remember to keep your controller disconnected until the game has fully loaded, so as to prevent annoying input overlapping.

Q: I can't skip the intro or the demo!

A: Again, due to the whole "this is pretty much just the arcade version of the game" thing, the game will only accept inputs from the already mapped buttons. The Enter or space keys will not do anything if they have not been bound as such. These sequences can be skipped with the default start buttons ("I" for 1P, numpad "-" for 2P), however.

Q: Does this game have netplay?

A: Not currently. This game is being developed by a very small team, and networking libraries are not easy. That said, Sealy have assured us that they will be looking into netplay features down the line, but they want you to enjoy the game with your friends in person as best as you can for the time being.

Q: What happened to the groove selection?

A: While they were present in the arcade version, the Steam version does not have the three selectable Fighting Modes, Attack, Defend and Combo, as the development team felt it complicated the game too much. All the abilities of all three Fighting Modes are still accessible through MAX Mode, however.